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Floor Repair Oxford - LA Paint

Floor restoration, painting and sanding services

If your floor is in need of some attention then contact LA Paint today

Our team of have plenty of experience bringing new life to old or tired floor surfaces. For wooden flooring we have sanded and reapplied treatments that help extend the life a floor for many years to come.

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Commercial Floor Restoration in Oxford

Hairdressers, Ock Street, Abingdon, Oxon

Our team undertook the challenge of restoring this old hairdressers floor back to a usable state. The wooden floor was looking tired and worn so our team sanded the surface to remove the old varnish, expose the fresh wood and re-apply the new surface layer.

Domestic Flooring Restoration Oxford

Clifton Hampden, Oxon

For this project we again sanded down the old floors surface to expose fresh timber and then applied treatments and a surface coating to the floor to bring it back up to a good as new standard.